Other First-Timers Sound Off

Ultra-Runner Magazine

Ultra-Runner Magazine

Source: Ultra Running Magazine

Particularly for a green ultrarunner or one who’s tackling a new distance, there’s a natural tendency to get to the starting line, look around and think, “Wow, all of the these other runners look like experienced veterans who really know what they’re doing. I’m the only newbie around!”


Fear not, brave runner: Many of those steely eyed harriers are also greenhorns just like yourself! And remember that every ultrarunner had a first time too, you cando it. To share the camaraderie of attacking a new distance this season, I interviewed a few Macy Endurance Coaching athletes about their anticipated challenges and their mindsets.

Ari Weller, New York, Trainer New Distance: Trail marathon in 2018 and ultra for 50thbirthday in 2019. Mental Prep: A Goal state is a written visualization of how you will mentally/emotionally feel when your goal is accomplished. Taking the time to write this down and keep it some place has manifested magic in many areas of my life. Training Adjustments: I’ve worked in a fitness facility six days a week for decades, so I’m learning that if I’m increasing my running mileage I need to chill out a bit in the gym. Advice: As a full time trainer and coach myself, I find it invaluable to have a running coach who sets up my training schedule, which I then feel responsible to. Potpourri: I’m adapting to a new anti-inflammatory diet, testing my HRV every morning and listening to the clues my aging body gives me.