Recovery is about returning to homeostasis or a normal state of health. We begin and end each session here: restoring function through breathing techniques, soft tissue stimulation and corrective exercise. In this Field of Fit, we organize your body, brain and nervous system.


Mobility is the ability to move with ease. At philosofit, we call our mobility training Stability Stretching. While muscles are being stretched, we add resistance. Our clients develop strength and length, as well as building braking control to prevent injury. Stability Stretching is emphasized in personal training sessions, and also in our Pilates and GYROTONIC® sessions.


Core training is so much more than shaping the abs into a six-pack. Abs lie on the outer surface of our true core. Some of the inner core muscles are the diaphragm, the psoas and mulitifidus; weakness in these muscles leads to common ailments such as neck, back and hip pain. At philosofit, we systematically train your core so that inside muscles support that great physique.


Stability is the ability to balance and endure. Can you balance on one leg for more than a few seconds? Lack of stability is the leading cause of death from injury among people 65 and older. At philosofit, we safely train for stability, with exercises designed to improve motor control and postural alignment.


Strength is so much more than the weight you can lift or the distance you can run. At philosofit, we focus on pain-free functional strength that improves our clients’ range of motion. We focus on building strength that stays consistent in changing environments, has integrity in different stances and postures, and is equally balanced in different planes of motion.


Heart Waves training is our sixth and final Field of Fit. At philosofit, we perform short bursts of functional cardiovascular exercises in conjunction with conscious breathing techniques to teach your physiology to take stress and recover from it as quickly as possible. This develops Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a hallmark of the best athletes. The greater the HRV, the healthier you are.