Personal Training in the hamptons

philosofit’s methodology is based on one fundamental ideal: To build a better body, you must build a solid movement base.

Exercise is not enough. Each body is unique. The challenge is to achieve maximum fitness with minimum tear, for you.

Our clients run the gamut, from elite athletes to those dealing with the challenges of aging bodies. All our clients come to us for the same reason. We manage their routines, for their bodies, for their challenges, for their future well-being. Never boring, always bettering—that’s the philosofit way.


At philosofit our personal trainers evaluate, identify and document clients’ movement function, limitations and asymmetries. This information allows us to develop safe, customized training programs that help our clients re-establish authentic pain-free movement while changing their bodies.


Step 1

We begin every client relationship with a detailed health history interview, a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and muscle testing based on the work of Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT).

We measure each client’s movement quality before we instruct them into movement quantity. In other words, we’re concerned about your efficiency and what you can withstand.

Step 2

During your health history interview we want to know about your old and current injuries even if you think they’re, “no big deal.” Why? The number one way to get hurt is through an old injury that has never been fully resolved or an asymmetry/in balance in your body.

Once we’ve assessed and screened you, we’ll customize your movement-training program in six fundamental areas: Recovery, Mobility, Core, Stability,Strength and Heart Waves.

Step 3

Every 6-8 weeks or so your personal trainer will re-test, re-evaluate and re-create new customized workouts. This ongoing process helps both the client and the trainer keep track of progress and reassess goals and direction.


Personal training sessions are held on the 1st floor at philosofit


Google - ★★★★★


"I've been seeing Ari & Co for years. They completely changed my approach to fitness/wellness. I went from a troubled back and an uninspired workout regimen, to feeling fit and healthy and inspired. They work on the body, but your mind and soul will forever be changed in the process. Thank you, Ari!"

Google - ★★★★★


“They find the balance between motivating you to work out hard and being careful to keep you healthy.”

Google - ★★★★★


"What sets philosofit apart is the focus on functional movement that results in mindful application in everyday life. Ari and his team are adept in a variety of training modalities. They can quickly assess and tailor each session based on your needs on that particular day. Training at Philosofit is always fun, never boring!"

Google - ★★★★★


"After decades of exercising, and living with pain I didn't understand, I finally started training with Ari. Seven years later, I am more fit than ever, and living without pain! I now know how to move in a way that's good for me. The entire philosofit team is knowledgeable, engaging and dedicated to their clients, and the studio is clean, inviting and well-equipped. . ."