Radio Interview: How to Build A Better Body Achieving Maximum Fitness with Minimum Wear & Tear

Source: Turn The Page

In your quest to build a better body, how can you achieve maximum fitness with minimum wear and tear? Fitness training expert Ari Weller, founder of philosofit, a leading edge movement training studio in East Hampton, New York, will guide you through three core principles and underlying techniques that will enable you to train for life, as well as athletics. He’ll identify how you can “train smarter, not harder,” rely on “quality over quantity” in engaging your body as a whole, and experience fitness as a deeper life practice through which you can restore your functional movement. If you’re struggling with old injuries, new ones, the aging process, or health conditions that are impairing your range of motion or other aspects of your fitness, tune in to learn how you can program your workouts to get your best results!