Top Hamptons Trainers Know How to Sweat and Reset


The Hamptons’ strongest bring out the training big guns to help bring out your best. Summertime: It’s about the salty air, the sunshine and sweat. The Hamptons’ best trainers are making their clients sweat—and reset.

“We aren’t going to beat people up to make them sweat,” says Ari Weller, founder and owner of philosofit in East Hampton ( “We make them sweat smartly.”

To accomplish this, Weller uses high-intensity interval training. “The idea in personal training used to be make them work hard, make them sweat,” he says. “We do that, but we also look at how quickly they can recover. Ultimately a person is only as healthy as how quickly they can recover from stress.”

At philosofit, they carefully consider the way human beings move in space: forward and back, side to side, and rotation. In many exercise classes, you’re only getting one or two of these movements. But in philosofit, every session approaches these three planes of movement with equal emphasis. “When you train a body in all three planes, you get super fit and look and feel more like a martial artist, a dancer or a swimmer,” says Weller.

This summer, Weller expands his training studio to include Pilates and GYROTONIC®. He hired Susan Moran Sheehy, founder of Power Pilates in the city, who has personally trained 12,000 Pilates instructors. “She’s the most experienced Pilates teacher in the Hamptons,” says Weller. He’s thrilled to combine this with the strength training of philosofit. “It fits into our whole philosophy of training smart movement,” he says.

Ari Weller, Philosofit

Ari Weller, Philosofit