Weekly training FIT

"Order can be compared to a clasp on a pearl necklace. The pearls are what make the necklace, and they are definitely more important than the clasp, but without the clasp the pearls will fall off and scatter, and all that will remain of the necklace is the string alone." -The Alter of Kelm

Being in shape is what happens when all the elements of physiology are in order, lined up like those pearls and safely clasped. That's when results come quickly and injuries don't occur. There's nothing more valuable.

The weekly training FIT is the newest part of the philosofit methodology. Created by a different trainer each week, each FIT works all six physiological elements of the Six Fields of Fit: Recovery, Mobility, Core, Stability, Strength and Heart Waves. Look for the new weekly FIT on Instagram or stop by to see us!

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