Moving Correctly = Joy


The loft @ philosofit has invigorated Classical Pilates in East Hampton. Since last Spring, we’ve developed a culture of smart, challenging movement without losing an essential ingredient… JOY.


For a functional fitness routine to bring JOY and longevity in your life it should fulfill primary fitness goals:

  • Motivate you to Regularly Participate

  • Eliminate/Reduce Pain

  • Change Body Composition/Produce Aesthetics Results

  • It Should be Fun & Playful

Our East Hampton Pilates teachers are the most experienced in the Hamptons. We have thousands and thousands of hours of experience to help you achieve your best. We know that the environment, energy, culture and community of a studio plays a vital role in that success. You have options when choosing a Pilates studio. We hope you choose one that first and foremost follows the Hippocratic Oath to: First Do No Harm.

Why Classical Pilates?

philosofit is 100% committed to what the fitness industry calls, Corrective Exercise. The Classical Pilates approach, created by Joseph Pilates, is one of the original and most successful Corrective Exercise methodologies. Benefits of Corrective Exercise and Classical Pilates are:

  • Reduces Pain & Stress

  • Improves Posture & Performance

  • Decreases Injuries & Weakness

  • Improves Life’s Daily Tasks

How could those benefits not bring more JOY into your life?

We believe you move further in the Pilates method when you are ready, and not before. The easiest way to get hurt is to be progressed too quickly and at philosofit we believe: No Gain with Pain.

All private, semi-private and group Hamptons Pilates classes focus on the details of the exercises. The workout sessions are led allowing students time and space to do the exercises with controlled alignment. Joseph Pilates called that ‘Controlology’.

Our bodies are too precious to destroy.

Maximum fitness with minimum wear and tear = JOY.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for your support !