Susan Sheehy in "The Source," Hamptons Magazine


Secret Source: Susan Sheehy

Director of Classical Pilates, Philosofit

GET MOVING: “Our Classical Pilates Tower Class at Philosofit delivers results in every class due to our teaching formula of precision and flow. We work the four S’s: Strength, Stretch, Stamina and Stability for a total body workout.” DECOMPRESS: “When I was younger, I was a Bessie Award-winning dancer and hip-hop playlist. I still dance freestyle and enjoy my old-school hip-hop playlist.” KEEPING IT CLEAN: “I have celiac and Lyme disease, so a huge part of my healing and management involves easting gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-and-legume-free. I eat tons of veggies, protein and healthy fat. My latest obsession is -The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook- by Dr. Amy Myers. Harbor Market and Kitchen has great options for me. The staff is kind and the food is consistent every time.”

Ted Delano